With all the volatility and uncertainty in the market these days, it is more important than ever before to invest in your financial education to help you create wealth. You can see top rated gold IRA for more information.

As you know, gold and Silver prices are on the rise regardless if Congress, the White House, or any other media outlet. As I type this, the price of gold is at an all new high of $1293.5. Silver is also at an all-time peak at $21.20.

The US dollar weakness is the largest reason asset prices are rising. With a deficit of $9 trillion, it’s impossible to continue to make trillions and trillions. Treasury bills are not producing any returns, the stock exchange is full with uncertainty, including in the housing markets so what’s a person to do?

This could be the right place for you! A 10 year sustained, orderly upward climb of 10 years is the hallmark of gold investing. It has consistently outperformed all other asset class for the last 10+ years.

Does this mean the silver and gold markets are at their highest? There is no way to be certain. However, it becomes clear that most people are not aware of the current market trend. Yes, you’re starting to notice the ads and commercials going up. However, media almost never mentions it. Could this be because they don’t get a commission if they recommend you buy stocks or mutual fund shares? Hmmm…)

CNBC, the financial news network most known for its coverage of financial issues, recently began to acknowledge the undisputed performance of gold over the past decade. Alan Greenspan commented on gold’s role as the “canary in the mine”, signaling that the dollar or the economy is in serious trouble. Side note: Greenspan used to be the original gold bug. However, he lost all power as the Fed chairman. It is possible that all those bubbles were created in order to raise the price ?…).

Why not invest in gold? You can’t go wrong with gold as your ultimate insurance. Inflation/deflation are still a hot topic. Gold will protect your wealth, even if you enter stagflation.

Some people are getting involved in the trading of precious metals, due to the rise in the price and demand for gold and silver over the past ten years. It’s important that you treat gold as an investment. The best thing is to treat gold as savings.

It is also impossible to just hit a button and print gold as you would dollars, or any other currency that isn’t backed up by a tangible asset (like gold or silver). Because it is a rare commodity, gold has and will always be valuable. There are also costs and labor involved in bringing it to market. Not only is this concerning, but our foreign trading partner are all abandoning dollars. Bangladesh just bought 10 millions ounces (to increase their holdings at 13 million) from the international money fund. That’s a huge statement for a country as distrustful of the US dollars.