How relaxed and soft are you feeling today? Are you not? You are right.

Women trying to do “it all” are often exhausted by the pressures of being a mother, wife, entrepreneur, or trying to be a better person. Read the article.

The Catch 22 is that most women fear that their feminine energy will make it less effective or impossible to achieve the same results.

Another interesting aspect of women’s views on femininity is that as a life and success coach, I found that even women who love the concept of the empowered woman still have their masculine energy as their default mode when they are stressed.

Balancing your feminine AND masculine energy is the key to women’s success. This concept is often lost on women.

Your feminine energy represents your creative, intuitive, emotional, and spiritual life. Your masculine energetic is the concrete, logically structured, task-oriented, and organized way of being in this world.

The key to creating wealth and fulfilling your purpose is to keep both your energy levels balanced.

Many times, I see women make the pendulum swing. Either they place too much emphasis on their masculine energy and become a man; or, they remain in the abstract and keep all of their energies focused on the feminine side of the self and never reach their goals.

Here are some tips to help you build your feminine identity.

You can clearly state that “here’s what you want–AND… I will keep this vision of my heart, feeling, and desire until the next step is clear.”


Stating, “here is my wish, but I have no idea how that could come to pass, so why bother?”

There is a big difference between them. You are open to new possibilities if you believe the first statement. It’s an unexplored possibility. Trusting in the unknown is the real power.

The second statement is a stumbling block that will stop you trying.

It is a truth that I can’t express enough. The number one reason women fail is that they have an idea, but don’t know how.

The way will come, your path will appear. It will take gentle, patient work to awaken your true self, in order for you to find your way. There will be doubt, but this is part of becoming great. Be open to learning and accepting of your limitations. Your desires will keep you nourished and fulfilled.

Your femininity can be your foundation to success.

o To stay rooted within your body. Be aware of your emotions.

o Breathing — slowing down and trusting one’s intuition.

Begin with the desire. Once you have achieved your desires, move onto using your masculine power to manifest them. We require the masculine structure in order to care for and protect our feminine creativity, spirit, and inspiration.

You can see water in a vase with beautiful flowers as a visual example of how to align your feminine and male energy. Your feminine energy can be fluid and gentle like water. It does need a container, but the vase can be used to store it. In being tangible, concrete, and giving structure, the vase is representative to your masculine spirit.