The Master of the Mind

A friend of mine had a dinner party at his home and hired a great mentalist in London as entertainment. I thought it was an odd choice for dinner party entertainment at first, but then I thought about all of the things that mentalists have been known to do and became interested in the idea. I had heard about the kinds of things that mentalists do, but I had never seen one in person. I was interested to see if the mentalist could really read my mind and if he could even hypnotize me.

As the party began, the mentalist talked to every person in the room and had a short conversation with them. He knew things that no one else would have known, and it was so eerie. Even though I expected that he would be doing some mind reading, it was still impressive to actually see. I knew that things would only get better and weirder as the party went on. The mentalist wanted to try a hypnotism next, and I eagerly volunteered to be the first person to get hypnotized. My only exposure to hypnotism was through movies and shows where people waved pocket watches around until a person fell into a deep sleep.

The mentalist did his hypnotism in a different way, and while everyone else who was watching me saw me go under, I didn’t realized it happened. Everyone else who was at the party had to tell me what I was doing while I was under the hypnotism, because I didn’t remember any of it. They said it was pretty funny, and even recorded me while I was under. I have to learn how to hypnotize people. It would be amazing to be able to put someone in a trance and have them do whatever you want.

Loretta Bryant